8 Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Trademark registration is essential if you want your business, brand, product or service to stand out from the crowd.
  • Registering your Trademark will protect the identity of your services or goods from copycats – and the worst-case scenario of having to re-brand.
  • Registering a trademark in Australia is vital if you want to protect your intellectual property assets and secure your rights.
  • As well as the importance of registering your trademark, it is vital that you get a trademark professional to do it for you, there are a number of reasons why.
  • Here are 8 advantages of trademark registration in Australia.

Nationwide Trademark Registration – and Easier to Go Global

Top in our list of advantages of trade mark registration is ‘Nationwide Coverage’.  Registration of your trademark gives you exclusive rights to that name across the country.  In today’s global marketplace, another advantage of trade mark registration is that, if you have registered your trademark in Australia, it will stand you in good stead should you want to register your trademark in another country or countries.

To protect your business, goods or services, contact us today for more information on how we could save you time and money on your TM registration.

Deter Others

Second in our list of advantages of trademark registration is that it will deter others.  There are few things that companies hate more than a legal ‘cease and desist’ letter for infringing on a registered trademark.  An advantage of trade mark registration is that it will deter others from using your name as a whole or part of their brand or company name.    This is particularly important whether your offering is unique or commonplace. If your business is offering something unique or new to market you should register your trademark in order to deter copycats trying to sell their goods or services off the back of your innovation.  If your business is offering a more common service or goods, but defined by fantastic customer service or another Unique Selling Point (USP), you should register your trademark to prevent companies using your good name and reputation but without rewarding you for your hard work.  The registration process means that your registered trademark will appear when companies search the register, therefore deterring them from using your name.

Brand Control and Consistency

TM registration is key if you’re considering offering a franchise or licensed reseller aspect to your business.  Your brand is your most valuable asset – it signifies your strengths, it’s who you are and it’s your identity in your marketplace.  Another advantage of registration is that you will be able to determine how your brand is used by others on licence.  This should prevent your trademarked name from being used inappropriately or displayed in a manner which brings the brand into disrepute.  Registration of your trademark will also give you the right to licence your brand in return for money, giving you another potential revenue stream.

Help from Others to Protect Your Brand

Another advantage of business mark registration is that the top internet search engines, like Google and Bing, regard trademark-registered names highly and, for example, will restrict the use of trademarked words in ads.  Registration of your mark also means that you can issue a notice to the Australian Customs Service objecting to the import of goods that are infringing your registered trademark.

Enhanced Perceived Value of Services or Goods

We live in a global marketplace with anything available from anywhere in the world at the click of a button.  Buyers are becoming more savvy and are more likely to seek recommendations from friends on Facebook and to read Amazon reviews, for example.  An advantage of trademark registration is that it demonstrates a commitment to the brand and its goods or services.  By investing time and money in your registered trademark you’re showing the world that you are a bona-fide business, committed to the long-term success of your brand – not a here-today-gone-tomorrow company


Registering your trademark gives you the confidence that you won’t receive one of the dreaded ‘cease and desist’ letters mentioned above.  Just imagine spending several years working on your business, building up a loyal customer base and an eye-catching marketing strategy….And then having to change your business name after receiving a ‘cease and desist’ letter from a similarly-named business that you didn’t know existed.  All that hard work wasted! Save yourself time, money and heartache by ensuring that trade mark registration is top of your list today.

Increased Monetary Value

Your registered trademark can be sold and there’s no doubt that, if you’re looking to sell your business, a trademark registrations will prove very attractive to potential buyers and enhance the selling price of your company. It gives potential buyers security that they will not be subject to copycats and another other company infringing on the trademarked name – nor will they be accused of infringing on another trademark registration.

Make use of the ® symbol

Use of the ® symbol sends a powerful message to potential copycats and customers alike.  It says that you’re proud of your trademarked name, proud of your business and willing to defend it!


Quick Off the Mark® is a division of Mark My Words Trademark Services Pty Ltd (MMW). MMW was founded in 2011 and is headed by Jacqui Pryor, a registered trade marks attorney with more than 16 years experience.

In 2015 MMW acquired Quick Off the Mark®, which is a fast and affordable Australian trademark registration service. Quick Off the Mark® offers fixed fees that are affordable to help Australian businesses register their trademarks.

Disclaimer – The advice provided in this blog is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into account your business objectives, legal situation or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your own objectives, legal situation and needs.

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