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On approval of your trademark by the government department, a two month period will follow whereby third parties may oppose the registration of your trademark. If no oppositions are filed, your trademark will automatically proceed to registration once this period finishes (minimum 7.5 months after filing of the application). In the event of objections or oppositions further fees may apply (your instruction will be sought before any further costs are incurred). In a smooth case there will be no further fees payable until the renewal of your trademark is due in 10 years.

Expedited Examination

You may have heard about expedited examination as standard applications take around 13-15 weeks before a result is known. However, as we file all applications through an early assessment (as described) we receive initial results within 5 days indicating whether your trademark is likely to be approved. Following this, an application that has undergone this early assessment will see a formal result within around 4 weeks after filing of the application instead of the usual 13-15 weeks. Therefore, we do not find it necessary to seek expedited examination of the applications we file.

Important Information

Trademark Use

In addition to agreeing to our terms and conditions below, please be mindful that the filing of a trademark application is basically your way of confirming that the named applicant uses, or intends to use, in good faith, the trademark for the nominated goods/services. If you already use your trademark in the course of trade, please advise the date of earliest use where indicated. This will help us determine the likelihood of overcoming any earlier similar trademarks if presented.

Because you updated your logo you will need to go through the review process again.

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Terms and Conditions


Once you enter your goods/services you will be presented with the classes relevant to your description. For example, a search on "beauty" will identify several classes as relevant. Please click on the class to review the available list of specific products or services.

Then, select those you feel best describe your product or service. Please note, on filing your application we will as a matter of practice select other available products/services connected to those you select to ensure the best protection for your brand. For example, if you select the specific item of "beauty masks" we will by default select broader claims such as "beauty products" to ensure complete coverage.

Fees Explained

Trademarks are registered under classes of goods/services, with 45 classes to select from. Fees apply per class selected, as follows:

Professional Fee
First Class of Trademark Application/Registration $700.00
Per additional class on same application $500.00

The above fees reflect the total fee to register an Australian trademark from filing through to registration, including the pre-filing government assessment, in a straightforward case. In the event of objections or oppositions further fees may apply.