Fees & Pricing

Trademark Service Total
Basic Trademark Search $FREE
Extended Trademark Search $350
Trademark Application (single class) $700#
Application Per Extra Class $500#
Trademark Renewal (single class) $675#
Renewal per extra class $400#
Trademark Registration $0.00
Adverse Trademark Report $295 per hour

Prices current as of date of publication and are quoted inclusive of Government fee, Professional fee and GST. # Prices are based per class. Prices may change at any time. Prices are a guide only, prices may vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Trademark Prices Explained

Trademark Prices are based on a per trademark and/or per class basis.  Trademark prices are a guide only, different circumstances may mean that your quote may be more.

Basic Trademark Search

A basic search of the trademark database and a basic email report is given before the application.

Extended Trademark Search

A more extensive search of the trademark database, ASIC database, business names, company names and domain names.

Trademark Application

We prepare all of the paperwork and collect all of the relevant information and apply for your trademarks

Trademark Application Extra Class

Trademarks can be registered under more than one class of goods or services, this is the charge per extra class

Trademark Renewal

Trademark prices for registration is for a period of 10 years. We will issue reminders and on instruction renew your trademarks after this time.

Trademark Registration

After the initial application process which takes a minimum of 7.5 months from the date of filing your trademark will be registered. Since October 2016 there is no longer a further fee payable for this step.

Trademark Adverse Reports

If you receive an adverse report from IP Australia, then you will need to provide them with further information to get your trademark over the line.  We will guide you through the process.