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Brand Name Registration AustraliaIf you are looking for information on Brand Name Registration Australia, then you have come to the right place!  Choosing the right brand name for your products is incredibly important: your brand name is one of the most powerful brand signs. Still, most companies make the critical mistake of attempting to market their brand before they have properly defined it. Companies tend to choose brand names without considering product identity, name longevity, phonetics, and, overall, the eligibility of the name of brand name registration Australia. Your brand name is not simply a word: rather, the brand name is the fundamental signal that consumers directly relate to your product and your company.  Your brand name is the tangible element to an otherwise intangible concept: it permits consumers to identify and differentiate your brand from that of the competition, and it communicates the promise of your brand. You need to understand exactly what you are trying to communicate to consumers, or you will be sending mixed signals.

The name of your brand is critical to its success. A brand logo is not designed before its name. Before you begin to market your product, you need to develop a verbal identity for it. Your brand name has the potential to represent a bigger meaning to your consumers by communicating a concept tied into a promise. Your brand name will directly reflect the nature of your business. Your brand name aims to define exactly what you are, and what you are not.

Brand Name Registration AustraliaCreating a Brand Name

There are a number of different ways to think of brand names. Brainstorming long lists of potential names is simple. Choosing the right name from these long lists is the key to the process. From your lists, you must be able to identify the one name that can be owned and protected through brand name registration Australia. A good brand name grabs the attention of the consumer. A fantastic name can not only grab attention, but can also be intriguing, inspiring, and believable, as well as being unique enough to be eligible for trademark registration.

Your brand name is a signal that carries meaning. A consumer might understand the meaning of your name immediately, or might form the meaning over time. Your brand name must not only identify and differentiate your product, but most also communicate the position you are claiming. Your brand has a specific position in the marketplace landscape, and your brand name will either strengthen or weaken this position. This is why it is important to judge each potential name by a set of criteria in order to avoid from making an off-brand decision. To decide on a memorable and trademark eligible brand name, you must consider the ability of your name to differentiate your product; exist with an element of timelessness; the phonetic harmony of your name; and whether your name is eligible for brand name registration Australia.

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Brand Name Registration AustraliaBrand Name Registration Australia – Differentiation

Your brand name should be distinctive enough to communicate your brand’s differentiation. Part of the success of your brand name is determined by its ability to separate your brand from that of your competition. If you create a name that is not typical, you frame your brand in a unique manner, and this emphasises the difference between your distinctive brand and the others. A good brand name can even assist in gaining consumer loyalty.

Your proposed name must be different from the competition, as well as from brands operating in unrelated categories. While you might still be able to trademark a similar name on two unrelated products, you might still be causing unwanted consumer confusion and brand dilution.

Brand Name Registration Australia – Longevity

When you are shortlisting potential brand names, you should consider those names that have an element of timelessness. If your brand name is too specific of  a particular technology, or reliant on a current trend, your brand will fall behind as the market progresses to new things. Your brand position is compromised by a name that consists of a popular word. Your brand name should be able to be applied to a wide range of functions and applications, and last long after a trend has faded.

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Brand Name Registration Australia – Phonetics

It is important that your name sounds good when spoken aloud. If your brand name is too complicated to say, or sounds uncomfortable, it is unlikely that it will stick in the minds of consumers. Names that look good on paper, or work in the conference room, do not always work in the marketplace. While invented or de-constructed names make effective trademarks, they must still imitate natural language to be successful. If consumers cannot say or spell your brand name, they are unlikely to connect with it, and your brand name will say nothing at all.

Think of names that stick in your mind: these words might be fun to say. The brand names that stay in your mind are not those that are purely descriptive or difficult to say. Rather, these names consist of clever use of metaphor or abstraction. Think of simple names that look or sound like real words that will connect with consumers and stick in their minds.

Brand Name Registration Australia – Trademark Eligibility

It is important that your name is also eligible for brand name registration Australia. Your brand name, when trademarked, provides you with the ability to protect your intellectual property, and therefore the reputation of your tangible property, from infringement by competitors. If your shortlist consists of names that cannot be trademarked, strike those names from the list! A word that cannot be registered as a trademark is worthless as a brand name.

To determine whether your potential brand names are eligible for brand name registration Australia, consult a trademark professional for advice. Our trademark professionals can determine whether or not your brand name can be registered by conducting a trademark search on your behalf. This search will reveal all of the registered brand names that are the same or similar to your own. A trademark professional can advise you on whether you need alter your brand name, or change it altogether, to give you the best chance of achieving registration.

The right brand name provides a focus point for your brand and business. The wrong brand name might result in the weakening of your brand’s impact on consumers. Choose the brand name that is most effective in communicating your business aims in a clear simple way, and the name that suggests your brand position to consumers. Ensure that you protect your name with brand name registration Australia: because the right brand name causes consumers to not only hear, but to listen.

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