21 Attributes for Success in Business

Success in business, and perhaps in life, is a series of the knowable and the unknowable.  The unknowable is that x-factor, the reason something goes viral and something else does not.  However, there are some factors that can certainly help you with success in business.

Do what you Love to do

This is a no-brainer really!  Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Every self-made millionaire or billionaire I have seen have said that this is the most important thing.  Not only will being passionate about what you do benefit your business, but it will make you happy in your normal life too.

Personal professional development

Commit to lifelong learning – If you are not getting better, you are getting worse – Read and attend every course going.  You can never get complacent in business.  You must always strive to be better that you were the previous day.  Everyone else in your niche is getting better, and moving forward, if you do not do the same, then you will fall behind.

If you want success in business, you must actually change

To achieve something that you have never done before, you have to be someone that you have never been before.  It was Einstein’s definition of insanity when he said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  ­If you need to make changes in your business, then you must actually change, do it 100% and commit to it.

ALL the skills you need are learnable

If you need to learn new skills to increase your income, then everything you need to learn is learnable.  Even if it takes years to complete, those years will pass at exactly the same rate, so you may as well take baby-steps toward a bigger goal.

You are probably only one new skill away from doubling your income

Do a course in accountancy, or marketing, or search engine optimisation, or anything that will help you to generate new clients, make more sales or generate more profits.  It’s all learnable and all available online, you just have to do it.

Dream BIG dreams

Project thoughts forward, envision what you want from your future and go for it.  Aim for the stars, there is no reason why you can’t be the number one business in your field.  You probably aren’t going to get there if you don’t envision yourself there.

Commit to success in business

Anyone with a website and a few skills can have a business!  You need to separate yourself from the rubbish out there by committing to excellence.  Keep striving to better your business, better yourself and better your customer experience.

Get into the top 10%

Remember that the people at the top of your field now, were one at the bottom.  Everyone starts from somewhere, and if they can get to the top, then so can you.

See yourself as self-employed

You are in control of your life and your future.  Even if you are working for another business and you have dreams to start your own business, then treat that job as your own business, because one day it will be.

Be goal orientated – You can’t hit a target that you can’t see

Set yourself short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.  You need direction in business and it is very important that you set yourself and your staff targets to ensure that you will reach your end game, whatever that may be.

Learn from failure

Don’t be afraid of failure, remember it’s not failure, it’s feedback.  Donald Trump has been bankrupt, along with Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Stan Lee, and lots of others.  It’s not failure, it’s feedback!  We have all made mistakes, deal with it and crack on again.  By the way, I’m not saying it’s OK to go bankrupt, it’s not, I am saying that great success in business can come after the worst failures in business.

Work 60+ hours per week

All of your competition are working 40+ hours a week.  If you want to WIN you have to beat them.  I don’t just mean sitting at your desk, but learning new skills, networking, study and everything else is included in this.

If you are at work, then WORK!  No f***ing about

This is a very poignant one for me.  I love technology and science and I am constantly being led astray by interesting websites and social media posts.  It is important that you concentrate on the work at hand and not get distracted.

Be around the right people

Being around the right people is one of the most important aspects of success in business.  Employ the best people for the job and they will generate more value for you.  Be around people who share your vision and are committed to sharing your business culture.

Life is a combination of cycles and trends

Life as well as business is a combination of up’s and down’s, this is a fact.  Success means leaping from peak to peak, not trough to trough.  Acknowledge that this is the case, know that the only thing that you can change is your attitude to the reality, and not the reality itself.

Be resilient and bounce back

For success in Business you will need to be tough!  You need to shake off your problems and defeats and climb back into the ring.  Remember, whatever you are feeling is felt by EVERYONE at some point, you are not alone.  Just take a moment, have a word with yourself, readjust your heading and bounce right back, leaner, stronger and more resilient.

Be solution orientated

Life can be a bunch of problems and crisis, don’t look for blame, look for solutions.  Don’t waste too much time looking for people to blame when things go wrong.  Instead, look for solutions to the problems and way to ensure that those things don’t happen, or at least minimise the risk, of them happening again.  Much more positive.

Be an eternal optimist

Reality just is!  You may not have too much control over what happens in your life, and trying to control this may make to stressed and depressed.  You have got control over how you interpret reality.  Interpreting things in an optimistic way, looking at each event as a positive experience, and being grateful, is one of the keys to success in business and in your personal life.

Have courage – the courage to start and the courage to endure

You need to have courage in business.  If you are reading this and you are debating whether to go into business for yourself, or if you are an existing business and you are debating any big business decision, you must have courage, the courage to start, and the courage to endure.  Do your due diligence and JUST DO IT!


Do what you need to do, when you need to do it, whether you want to or not.  Success in business can be a hard road to walk down, albeit rewarding.  You must have discipline, whatever it is that you need to do, you just have to do it.  Whether it’s doing the accounting, writing another article for SEO, or whatever else, you just need to get it done.  As a small business owner, you may not have the capital to pay someone to do these things for you.

Always put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward

Keep going, keep going, and keep going!  You need to keep that forward momentum up.  As long as you are moving forward, then you will be getting better.  You need to believe in yourself.

To Do Lists

  • Make a dream list – what do you want from your life, aspirations, dreams and wants
  • Past Success List – What has made you successful in the past – Do it again
  • Write 10 goals to accomplish over the next 12 months – which ONE would make the most impact?
  • Write a list called “What do I need to do to make $250,000 in the next 12 months?” – Write 20 answers – take one and action it immediately!


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