RateCal Trademark Registration

RateCal Trademark Registration

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RateCal Trademark RegistrationThe energy industry has shown that misleading or unbiased results currently restrict the ability of Residential & Small to Medium Business Decision Makers to calculate whether they are on the best energy rate plan for their premises.

There are over 6 million decision makers in Australia alone, which need an unbiased tool, to provide them with an accurate comparison of their energy rates from all the energy retailers. There is nothing currently available that directly eliminates misleading or unbiased results and enables the decision maker to calculate the best energy rates compared to what they are currently paying for energy.


RATECAL will be THE FIRST ENERGY RATE COMPARISON CALCULATOR, designed to eliminate misleading information from biased sources, minimizes time wastage and removes all third party commissions for a Residential & Small to Medium Business Decision Maker. The launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.

RateCal Background

Simon Fawaz has more than a decade of experience in the energy industry and is the founder of Endless Energy Group Pty Ltd which has been operating for over four years.

Endless Energy Group Pty Ltd, which is based in Melbourne, is a shared services organisation that provides a wide range of energy consulting services, including embedded networks, LED lighting, solar panels and voltage optimiser infrastructure.

Utilising a network of strategic partners, the firm provides energy solutions to clients in the corporate and private sectors.

In his leadership role, Mr. Fawaz oversees all daily operations, including business development, client relations, strategic planning and consolidates daily operations.

Simon is a natural networker and his ability to see business synergies and opportunities has seen him become a truly respected entrepreneur.


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